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Sugarbird XO Cape Fynbos Brandy

Sugarbird XO Cape Fynbos Brandy

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Sugarbird 14-Year-Old Pot Still XO Cape Fynbos Brandy – 38% ABV

Our award winning brandy is a 14 year aged pure pot still brandy that has been aged in old French Oak barrels for a decade and a half.

The golden liquid has flavours of dried peaches, dates and raisins, delivering a balanced, lingering after taste.

Once matured, it is filtered through honeybush and other fynbos botanicals to give it the true Cape Fynbos character that you’d expect from Sugarbird.

Presented in a glass bottle, this unique Craft Brandy has won many national and international awards and is best enjoyed with meat or on the rocks to truly appreciate its smoothness and warmth.

• Vitis Vinifera Double 2021 Double Gold Award
• The Merit 2021 Gold Award
• LUMO Awards 2022 Gold Award
• The Merit wine and spirit challenge 2022 Gold
• Platters award 2022 Four star
• Aurora International Taste Challenge 2022 Gold Award

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